I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that we only use a portion of our brains, and that our minds have enormous untapped potential. What could we achieve if we could access all that potential? Could we push ourselves beyond our current limits to achieve things that we only dream about?

I love the common metaphor of the mind represented by an iceberg, where only the tip is showing above the water, with the majority submerged below it. This hidden part of the mind, often referred to as the subconscious or unconscious, is where we store most of our memories, feelings and emotions; it is thought to be the driving force for many of our thoughts and actions. Intriguing studies have shown that our decisions are made a full seven seconds before we become consciously aware of them! In other words, our subconscious mind is totally in control.

The question is, how do we get to this part of our minds so that we can make it start working in our favour? The best answer that I have been able to come up with is through hypnotherapy. If we can bypass the conscious mind and get directly to the decision maker, we can surely make incredible positive changes in our lives. By talking to the subconscious mind, we are able to enhance the positive beliefs and emotions and diminish or eliminate the negative ones. Even more incredibly, we can do this by simply relaxing in a chair and allowing a qualified hypnotherapist to take us on this extraordinary journey.

There are thousands of reasons for wanting to seek out a hypnotherapist. Everything from confidence and anxiety issues to addiction, weight management, pain relief and much more. Each challenge we face comes with its own story, and these stories are all held in the subconscious. Rather than bringing these stories into our conscious awareness to deal with as some therapies might, hypnotherapy aims to go straight to the source. 

When I made the decision to train to become a hypnotherapist, I was amazed at the different reactions I got from family and friends. There are so many misconceptions associated with hypnosis, from those who believe it to be mind control, to those who fear they are going to be made to cluck like a chicken when in a trance state. Neither of these examples could be further from the truth as hypnotherapy is about trust and respect. Far from being a form of mind control, hypnotherapy allows you to be one hundred percent in control at all times but simply allows your brain to enter a deeper state of relaxation, making it more susceptible to positive suggestions.

My first experience of hypnotherapy was amazing. Not only did I enjoy the session tremendously, but the effects have been life changing and I am still feeling the benefits to this day. Hypnotherapy is like the pebble you throw into a pond and the effects are the ripples that continue to expand further and further out, reaching many other areas of your life. Since having hypnotherapy, I am in the process of creating a website for guided visualisation  (www.rosyandme.com),  I have started writing a book, and I have begun my training as a qualified hypnotherapist with Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy (more on that in a later blog).

I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who needs to make positive changes in their lives, however big or small. I believe it is  the most powerful therapy available and I’m so excited to be working towards making this my future career.