Before deciding to become a hypnotherapist, I did a lot of soul searching and thinking about what I wanted in life. After examining the options and comparing them to my skills and desires, I found and fell in love with the idea of hypnotherapy.

Helping people

Far and away the most exciting and rewarding aspect of this profession is the possibility of helping people to change their lives. I don’t think it gets much better than that! People put an enormous amount of trust in their hypnotherapist, and I really believe that it is a privilege to be part of their  journey of transformation. 

Helping people to become free of anxiety, stop smoking, manage weight, deal with pain or overcome phobias (to name just a few) is an incredible way to spend each day – knowing that you are having a huge, positive  impact in so many ways and helping people become happier and more fulfilled.

During the hours of hypnotherapy practise I’ve done, I can honestly say that I have been completely blown away by both the process and the outcomes. It is amazing how quickly it can get to the heart of problems and issues, and directly impact the subconscious mind. As well as my own experience, the hundreds of success stories shared by my tutor and colleagues, have been motivating and inspiring.


One of the things I love about hypnotherapy is the opportunity it allows for creativity. Everybody is unique and tailoring therapy to each individual’s needs is really important.  Through an initial consultation, a wealth of information can be gathered and used to create a bespoke therapy. Communicating with the subconscious mind can be incredibly effective but it is vital that the communication is carefully planned and worded for maximum benefit. This process requires resourcefulness, originality and vision. There is no set pattern to follow – what works for one person may not work for another and a hypnotherapist must think creatively to help find the best solutions.

Meeting new people

I am a people person. I have always loved meeting new people and getting to know how they think and feel. As a primary school teacher, I have always been good at picking up on verbal and non-verbal clues and asking the right questions in order to understand those in my care. I really like to know what makes people happy and what they find difficult or challenging. Having empathy and building rapport with people is so important but also so rewarding in many different ways.  


I have always wanted to work for myself. The idea of being my own boss and generating my own business has always been really appealing to me. One of the great thing about a career in hypnotherapy is that, once you have had the right training, it is relatively easy to start your own practice. I know that the harder I’m prepared to work, the more clients I will be able to help. However, I am also able to fit my career around my life and create a work/life balance that is right for me.

Self development

During my hypnotherapy journey so far, I have already learnt so much about myself. It has given me an opportunity to really reflect on my life and my priorities. I have been hypnotised many times as part of my training and each time has brought new insights.