What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep although it does involve the induction of a trance-like condition. During hypnosis, the client is actually in an enhanced state of awareness, concentrating entirely on the hypnotherapist’s voice. In this state, the conscious mind is suppressed and the unconscious mind is revealed.

The hypnotherapist is able to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the client, the seeds of which become firmly planted.

How Does it Feel to be Hypnotised?

You will experience a sense of deep relaxation and a heightened sense of focus. Long gone are the days when hypnosis was seen as waving watches and controlling people’s minds. In a hypnotherapy session, you are always totally in control and would never be made to do or say anything against your will.

The Science

Hypnosis is thought to work by altering our state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is turned off, while the non-analytical right side is made more alert. The conscious control of the mind is inhibited, and the subconscious mind is awoken. Since the subconscious mind is a deeper-seated, more instinctive force than the conscious mind, this is the part which has to change for the client’s behaviour and physical state to alter.