Sports professionals spend a lot of time building up their fitness and honing their technical skills, and this is vital for success in any field. However, there is a vast amount of research showing that being able to harness the power of the mind is what really gives athletes the edge. In other words, sports performance depends just as much on mental ability as physical ability.
Hypnotherapy works directly with the sub-conscious mind which is responsible for the majority of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. By influencing the sub-conscious we can achieve major changes in a relatively short space of time. It is the most effective method for getting rapid, long-lasting results. This type of therapy has been used for years to help top sports men and women to enhance their natural ability and achieve significant gains in their field.
Hypnotherapy can make these incredible changes in a variety of different ways:


One of the things that sets the best sports people apart is their ability to shut out all distractions and be 100% focused. This can often be referred to as being ‘in the zone’ or in the moment. Hypnotherapy enhances this skill and helps the mind to become focused like a laser beam.


Change Limiting Beliefs

To be successful within a sport, we need to be able to control our inner dialogue and re-frame our thinking; changing any negative thoughts to positive. A huge amount of research has been carried out which shows that a large part of our self-talk is negative and self-defeating. Thoughts like, ‘Am I good enough?’ or ‘can I really do this?’ can have a massive impact on an athlete’s outcome. Hypnotherapy is fantastic at helping us to change this mind-set to one of self-belief and self-confidence.

Rehearsing Success

Our brains are wired so that they don’t know the difference between really doing something and simply imagining that we are ding something. By visualising ourselves winning or achieving our goals, we can effectively tune our minds to success. In other words, rehearsing our desired outcomes in our minds is just as important, if not more so, than physically practising. Hypnotherapy is the perfect way to embed these visualisations into our sub-conscious mind and set a blue-print for success. This gives us a psychological advantage over our apponents.

Pain and Injury

Hypnotherapy is used extensively as a way of helping people to manage pain of all kinds. This includes pain that has been sustained as a result of a sports injury. It can also be used successfully to speed up recovery from injury, allowing athletes to return to their optimum health more quickly and easily.

As well as all of the above benefits of hypnotherapy, it can also be used to help maintain composure, boost confidence, reduce anxiety and increase motivation. What’s more – it is a thoroughly relaxing and positive experience that will leave you feeling calm and ready to face anything.