Hypnotherapy is an extremely successful treatment for children and young people who are struggling to stay dry through the night. Wetting the bed can be upsetting at any age, but as children get older, it can be particularly embarrassing; often preventing them from participating in activities that take them away from home. Thoughts of sleepovers, camping and school residential trips can cause an enormous amount of anxiety and distress for those that are not yet dry at night.

There is usually no obvious reason why some children are not dry through the night, however, contributing factors might include: genetics, an overactive bladder, production of more wee than normal, being a very deep sleeper, emotional trauma or developmental delay

Many parents decide to visit the doctor looking for a solution, but only a very small percentage of children actually receive a medical or psychological diagnosis.  The advice given to parents can be conflicting and includes:



Waking the child during the night


Increasing or reducing fluid intake

Punishing or rewarding the child

Unfortunately, the majority of these take the responsibility away from the child and usually do not work long term.

One of the main characteristics of bed wetting (or enuresis) is that the child isn’t able to recognise the signal that is being sent from the bladder to the brain and therefore the necessary muscle is not able to do its job. Our subconscious mind controls all of the bodily functions that we don’t have to think about such as our heart beating, breathing, swallowing, etc. and it is also this part of our mind that should wake us if we need to go to the toilet.

Hypnotherapy works by accessing this subconscious part of the brain, and it can be used effectively by changing the way the mind reacts to the signals it’s getting. Although inducing a trance-like state can seem a little strange, we all constantly slip in and out of hypnosis throughout the day and it is a completely natural state. For example, when we are reading, watching television or driving and we ‘get in the zone’ we are actually in a light hypnotic trance. This is a perfect state to accept positive suggestions that can influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Children are particularly good subjects for hypnotherapy as they generally have vivid imaginations and find it easier to visualise which can make it easier to enter the hypnotic trance state. They are also more suggestible as they have fewer set beliefs and are open to new ideas and concepts. Although every case is different, 5 years old is generally considered to be the youngest age for hypnotherapy to be effective.

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