Hypnotherapy communicates directly with the subconscious mind and can quickly get to thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories that our conscious mind may have forgotten or stored away. It is often these things that are responsible for issues or problems that we all face in our lives in the present moment.

There are so many benefits to hypnotherapy; it is an incredible tool for helping people in lots of different ways. It would be impossible to list all the areas that it can be used for, but I have discussed just a sample below.


Anxiety is becoming more and more common in society and it can be overwhelming for those suffering with it. Symptoms such as excessive worrying, apprehension and a feeling that things are getting on top of you are common, as are a number of physical symptoms such as butterflies, muscle tension and breathlessness to name a few. Hypnotherapy has proved to be incredibly successful at reducing symptoms and often eliminating anxiety altogether.


Anxiety and stress are not the same thing but they do have similarities and hypnotherapy is equally effective at dealing with both. Stress can be described as a response to a threat in a situation either internally or externally. Events like trauma, life experiences and daily problems as well as low self-esteem or uncertainty can all lead to feelings of stress.

Weight Management

For those finding it difficult to either lose or gain weight, hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful (particularly if there is an underlying emotional connection involved). There may be information stored in the subconscious that could provide answers as to why there is a weight problem and these can be identified and addressed during hypnotherapy. Celebrities that have used hypnotherapy for weight loss include Lily Allen, Geri Halliwell and The Duchess of York.

Pain Management

For people that are in pain, it is usually necessary to first of all seek medical intervention. However, complementary therapy such as hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping to manage that pain. For example, studies have shown that more that 75% of people suffering with arthritis experience significant pain relief using hypnosis.

Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy works to break the negative behaviour and thought patterns that go hand in hand with smoking. It is reported to be the most effective method for stopping smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways to break the habit. For some people, this can be achieved in just one session, although other people may require one or two follow up sessions to quit completely.


If you are afraid of spiders, snakes, heights or anything else then hypnotherapy could be the answer for you. Once again, it is a great way of getting directly to the crux of a problem and eliminating it once and for all. Although some phobias can be reasonably mild, others can be completely debilitating and life changing. Why let a phobia hold you back when there is a tried and tested solution in hypnotherapy? 

Sport/Exam Success

As well as helping people with problems and negative emotions, hypnotherapy can also be used to enhance skills and abilities. For example, many successful athletes use this type of therapy to help them become better and more proficient in their sport. Famous sports people that have used hypnotherapy include Tiger Woods, Kevin McBride and David Beckham to name a few. It can also be used by children and adults taking tests and exams by enabling them to retain and recall more information, be more confident and remain calm during exams.

These are just a small selection of the issues that hypnotherapy can help with. It can achieve incredible results in all these areas and what’s more, it’s a wonderful, relaxing and amazing experience to have. I would urge anybody thinking about hypnotherapy to give it a try. I have been amazed by the results I have seen so far and can’t recommend it enough.