Children and young people are ideally suited to hypnotherapy because they are generally more imaginative, open-minded and better able to see a better future for themselves (they haven’t yet developed many of the barriers we learn as we become adults).

It can often be easier to change the perception of a child, making this type of therapy a very effective way of helping them overcome the issues and challenges they may be facing.

With over eight years of experience as a teacher, I have a powerful insight into the way that children think, feel and behave. This puts me in a great position to help them open the door to their subconscious mind and make positive and lasting changes.

Life is becoming increasingly stressful for children growing up and this can be a difficult time for some. Exam pressure, bullying, confidence and self-esteem issues can all contribute to problems at home and school. These issues can manifest themselves in many ways including: 

fears or phobias;

eating disorders;

nail biting;

bed wetting;

separation anxiety;

compulsive habits;

blushing and many other unwanted behaviours.

Addiction to on-line gaming and social media is another modern-day complication that can be challenging for children and parents to deal with. This can often lead to stress and strain, anger and unmanageable behaviour. 

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and enjoyable way to help children suffering with any of the issues above. Please contact me to arrange a free consultation 07980563246