The effects of bullying can be devastating at any age, but it can be particularly challenging for children and young people to cope with. Children that have been the target of bullying can often suffer with a host of personal and social issues such as: anxiety, low self-esteem, bed-wetting, trouble sleeping, depression, and even self-harm. They can become socially withdrawn and find it difficult to form healthy relationships in the future.

Bullying can take place in many subtle forms, with cyber bullying becoming more and more prevalent as social media and technology become an increasingly large part of young people’s lives. Unfortunately, children that are being targeted aren’t always able to ask for help. They may feel embarrassed, or scared of repercussions, and often choose to suffer in silence. However, ignoring bullies won’t make them go away and children need to be given the skills to deal with them in a quick and effective way.

One way to do this is through hypnotherapy as this is great way to re-install self-respect and re-build self-confidence. As a hypnotherapist, with eight-years-experience as a primary school teacher, I have a great insight into how children think, feel and behave. When they come to me, it is my job to make them feel comfortable and safe, and utilise a variety of hypnotherapy techniques to empower them and put them in a better position to take back control. I can help your child process and eliminate the negative emotions caused by bullying and change their state to keep bullies away.

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